History of soda!!!

1798 the term soda water was first coined 1810 First US patent issued for the manufacturing of imitation mineral water . 1819 The “soda fountain” patented by Samuel Fahnestock 1835 The first bottled soda water in the US gets to the market. 1851 Ginger ale created   in Ireland 1861 The term pop was first coinedContinue reading “History of soda!!!”

a collectable !!!

 “there are so many moments people have given to remember  this is the only one i can give people”-Akhil Nanda  the telegram which would be history from tomorrow after 163 years ,it was the fastest means of communication for  birthday,death,or any news to share 30 years ago. And today with the times changing from usingContinue reading “a collectable !!!”