La Mamounia the destination !!

La Mamounia –La Mamounia hotel is an experience in itself. I can’t think of hotel that I have been to that has so much character and culture. From the moment you enter the hotel,Step into the porch and enter the hotel lobby.You have so much to take in. Every corner,The Guard wearing traditional outfits isContinue reading “La Mamounia the destination !!”

ThE bOmBaY CaNtEeN visit !!!

The Bombay canteen, after being rejected twice for no space over the last month, this Saturday we decided to just land up without booking  a table hoping to get a place. Right from the time we entered, our childhood memories were revived, from the”kismi” chocolate, which this generation has no clue about to the roohafzaContinue reading “ThE bOmBaY CaNtEeN visit !!!”