La Mamounia the destination !!

La MamouniaLa Mamounia hotel is an experience in itself. I can’t think of hotel that I have been to that has so much character and culture. From the moment you enter the hotel,Step into the porch and enter the hotel lobby.You have so much to take in. Every corner,The Guard wearing traditional outfits is worth photographing. 
The lobby is got one of the most “Modern hotel feel” but the rest is very cultured and design oriented. 
The Bars-Churchill & Piano Bar. I just did not want to move from here. Even though I don’t drink.I kept visiting these venues for coffee & orange juice.The worlds best orange juice is found in Morocco,No wonder the hotel had so many orange trees planted in the garden with lemon trees. Everyday having the freshest orange for breakfast or anytime of the day.
If that’s all you thought was the pampering the guest received while staying here. 
Well Pierre Hermé From Paris is right in the hotel lobby,Where you can enjoy some of the best Macrons & Chocolates. 
The restaurants in the hotel have a Moroccan touch in so many ways -From thr stencils glasses to the the velvet upolestry for the chairs and the lamp lighting to set in the mood during the dinner in the evenings. 
The swimming pool too has a worthy view for the ones who just want to laze around for a sun bath.
The most soothing places out of all is the spa.It’s a heaven and paradise in itself.
The Suite in the hotel known as the Riad’s is enough to call it home for many.The hotel has only 3 of these. But,The way it’s done up it’s nothing over the top like many luxury hotels.But is very spacious and tastefully done.Morning you can enjoy the view of the orange trees or rather Enjoy the sunrise between the coconut trees. 
The Moroccan restaurant in the property is one of the best places to enjoy the sun set

1.Winston ChurchillHas a Bar & Suite named after him here as this was his favourite place in the world-He described the place as the most lovely spot in the world. Winston Churchill would visit often and paint during his stay- His painting are in the Moroccan museum.
2.La Mamounia is named after the prince Al Mamoun.Who was gifted the  gardens, that was attached to the hotel  as a wedding gift in the 18th century.
3.The Most Instagramable Place in #Marrakech 


ThE bOmBaY CaNtEeN visit !!!

The Bombay canteen, after being rejected twice for no space over the last month, this Saturday we decided to just land up without booking  a table hoping to get a place. Right from the time we entered, our childhood memories were revived, from the”kismi” chocolate, which this generation has no clue about to the roohafza bottles used for water, the ambience was a little posh, the twist in food with meethi thepla’s used for tacos to the twist in Rasagulla with coffee, made me feel first that this would be the case if i was visiting somebody, who’s way of living would make we wonder and point out at how cheap the bottles were, or that they are still learning to cook and want to be  part of the society hence trying to impress us with these tacos .
The bold choices can only be tried at hotels and restaurant because we are courageous and want to try something new when we visit a new place, but if we were suggested to experiment at home we would use terms like are you Crazy ?
Bombay canteen this Saturday had the ambience too set like a old canteen with music from the 80s playing and everything else was also interesting the Hinglish names on the menu ,the twist the taste and the setting .