ThE bOmBaY CaNtEeN visit !!!

The Bombay canteen, after being rejected twice for no space over the last month, this Saturday we decided to just land up without booking  a table hoping to get a place. Right from the time we entered, our childhood memories were revived, from the”kismi” chocolate, which this generation has no clue about to the roohafza bottles used for water, the ambience was a little posh, the twist in food with meethi thepla’s used for tacos to the twist in Rasagulla with coffee, made me feel first that this would be the case if i was visiting somebody, who’s way of living would make we wonder and point out at how cheap the bottles were, or that they are still learning to cook and want to be  part of the society hence trying to impress us with these tacos .
The bold choices can only be tried at hotels and restaurant because we are courageous and want to try something new when we visit a new place, but if we were suggested to experiment at home we would use terms like are you Crazy ?
Bombay canteen this Saturday had the ambience too set like a old canteen with music from the 80s playing and everything else was also interesting the Hinglish names on the menu ,the twist the taste and the setting .

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