Documentary Series on Netflix !!


A Series that tells you about the business practices and the problems of the food supply chain,
Yes the business of all edible, Food Products we like to eat, But at what cost? Bitter Chocolates, Avocados, Wine, Honey, Milk and a lot of the perishable items we consume might have a mafia running or are either convincingly produced at a cost with the brands making a competitive profit without giving enough to the manufactures who do all the groundwork to produce the finest end product we consume.
This documentary-style series is a total eye-opener for the consumer who demands are being met by the companies, monopolising their market share and quality control practices are being ignored only and only keeping their profits in Mind. A Highly recommended series that questions what exactly are we consuming & How does it finally get to us.


The Series that is very topical & Apt for today’s Time is a must watch to understand what is defined as a pandemic & how in the past they were eradicated and controlled.
A Six episode takes us through all the scientist and researchers knew about a Pandemic coming soon, But How soon, From where will it begin and how contagious would this one.
The Series also takes us through some start-ups with experienced researchers are working on a Vaccine that would fight any disease a one-shot for all. The trials are going on & How sad is the state of Affairs in the USA as many county hospitals & hospitals are shutting down as they have a lack of funding from the government. 

Being Mortal By Atul Gawande

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

A Book that I have been wanting to read for a while. That was written in twenty fourteen And what better than a pandemic to understand from a doctor on why “Being Mortal” is important and how we aren’t ready to face it and it’s consequences and during this time it’s an apt book to read.

Being Mortal is on the subject of “Death” – Yes, It questions why in medical we don’t discuss death as important as a “life” and how should we deal with the topic of death.

And the book questions us with some thought-provoking questions –

  • If independence is what we live for, what can we do when it no longer be sustained?
  • The real Issues with Nursing homes & how they are solving this problem?
  • What exactly is the job of one in the medical field – Only to ensure the health & Survival? Or is it also to teach & look into the well being of one?
  • Is it true – Once someone loses their physical independence – A life worth of freedom is simply not possible?
  • And Scientist advances have turned the process of ageing & dying into medical experiences & why is it medical world prepared for or in today’s context wasn’t prepared for it?

You must surely read this book once not only because of what all it makes us question. But because a Doctor himself has shared his thoughts & Experiences on how unprepared we are to face Reality.

This is a slightly Emotional, Dull and emphatic read. But A Must Read

Coronavirus #Stayathome

Sitting at home! And staring at the window and at the opposite building ( my neighbours on the other side) who I haven’t met at all are suddenly visible to be. I guess they were hiding all this while! Wait! This is the Lockdown! The Coronavirus lockdown. 
Wait! This is serious. This blog is about whether it’s better to be an adult or a child at this time? 
Think about it. Schools are shut! You are back home not for the summer break you thought that started early. But to be grounded at home alone. I mean totally alone with your parents, grandparents and sibling if you have one. 
Now you would watch T.V all day! But here you are bored to death and don’t know where to begin, Then all you think is Eat.Eat.Eat. Food. Food.Food. 
You don’t have any homework to do but now if you are an adult you are now either working from home or doing “homework”in it’s the most literal way. 
You are all by yourself! You are back home or home and can’t socialise with friends in the evening or go for coffee. At least you would have little patience to deal with the worst-case scenario or the situation we are in. 
But, The kid would be restless, because of energy within him. 
He is all by himself playing catch, catch with a ball against the wall, but still sitting home. 
And considering summer vacations would have begun a little later- Now they have a vacation of 14-15 weeks! That’s crazy! Without doing much all these days! 
So as an adult, you can understand and be patient. As adults, you have Understanding and the control over your emotions rather than a child who would be losing it all. 

Self Isolation – Coronavirus!

It isn’t something that isn’t new anymore in the digital age! 
But, When you are forced to be self-isolated all of a sudden. That’s the challenge. 
And what does one really do in self- isolation? 
  • You can look for self-improvement. 
  • Exercise – Start with a routine which you can follow (Push-ups, Planks and crunches, Meditation, Breathing)and stretches at home. 
  • Read – If you always wanted to read that favourite book or start reading- Now is a perfect time – You can read books on kindle or subscribe on Magzter for all the popular magazines and newspaper and Flipboard for all interesting articles.  
  • Write – Start writing a diary, notes of what was the unexpected or expected that happened today. 
  • Draw – If you were always interested in Art than now explore that side. 
  • Cook & Bake – Learn to make your favourite things at home.
  • Learn – Something online that you would like to know more about. – You can lookup &  you can also learn a language 
  • Social Media – Now is the perfect time to start your own online channel and share what you know.
  • Watch Movies & Tv show – Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Play,zee5, Balaji Alt MUBI and Ted Talks
  • Play- Online Games with your friends. 
  • Listen – To Podcasts  – and on Saavn you can listen to a whole lot of them too.
But most importantly one will need to be Disciplined to Implement any of things they would like to begin and one more tip have a schedule for the day to try and work out the forced self- isolation period.