Coronavirus #Stayathome

Sitting at home! And staring at the window and at the opposite building ( my neighbours on the other side) who I haven’t met at all are suddenly visible to be. I guess they were hiding all this while! Wait! This is the Lockdown! The Coronavirus lockdown. 
Wait! This is serious. This blog is about whether it’s better to be an adult or a child at this time? 
Think about it. Schools are shut! You are back home not for the summer break you thought that started early. But to be grounded at home alone. I mean totally alone with your parents, grandparents and sibling if you have one. 
Now you would watch T.V all day! But here you are bored to death and don’t know where to begin, Then all you think is Eat.Eat.Eat. Food. Food.Food. 
You don’t have any homework to do but now if you are an adult you are now either working from home or doing “homework”in it’s the most literal way. 
You are all by yourself! You are back home or home and can’t socialise with friends in the evening or go for coffee. At least you would have little patience to deal with the worst-case scenario or the situation we are in. 
But, The kid would be restless, because of energy within him. 
He is all by himself playing catch, catch with a ball against the wall, but still sitting home. 
And considering summer vacations would have begun a little later- Now they have a vacation of 14-15 weeks! That’s crazy! Without doing much all these days! 
So as an adult, you can understand and be patient. As adults, you have Understanding and the control over your emotions rather than a child who would be losing it all. 

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