Self Isolation – Coronavirus!

It isn’t something that isn’t new anymore in the digital age! 
But, When you are forced to be self-isolated all of a sudden. That’s the challenge. 
And what does one really do in self- isolation? 
  • You can look for self-improvement. 
  • Exercise – Start with a routine which you can follow (Push-ups, Planks and crunches, Meditation, Breathing)and stretches at home. 
  • Read – If you always wanted to read that favourite book or start reading- Now is a perfect time – You can read books on kindle or subscribe on Magzter for all the popular magazines and newspaper and Flipboard for all interesting articles.  
  • Write – Start writing a diary, notes of what was the unexpected or expected that happened today. 
  • Draw – If you were always interested in Art than now explore that side. 
  • Cook & Bake – Learn to make your favourite things at home.
  • Learn – Something online that you would like to know more about. – You can lookup &  you can also learn a language 
  • Social Media – Now is the perfect time to start your own online channel and share what you know.
  • Watch Movies & Tv show – Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Play,zee5, Balaji Alt MUBI and Ted Talks
  • Play- Online Games with your friends. 
  • Listen – To Podcasts  – and on Saavn you can listen to a whole lot of them too.
But most importantly one will need to be Disciplined to Implement any of things they would like to begin and one more tip have a schedule for the day to try and work out the forced self- isolation period.

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