Documentary Series on Netflix !!


A Series that tells you about the business practices and the problems of the food supply chain,
Yes the business of all edible, Food Products we like to eat, But at what cost? Bitter Chocolates, Avocados, Wine, Honey, Milk and a lot of the perishable items we consume might have a mafia running or are either convincingly produced at a cost with the brands making a competitive profit without giving enough to the manufactures who do all the groundwork to produce the finest end product we consume.
This documentary-style series is a total eye-opener for the consumer who demands are being met by the companies, monopolising their market share and quality control practices are being ignored only and only keeping their profits in Mind. A Highly recommended series that questions what exactly are we consuming & How does it finally get to us.


The Series that is very topical & Apt for today’s Time is a must watch to understand what is defined as a pandemic & how in the past they were eradicated and controlled.
A Six episode takes us through all the scientist and researchers knew about a Pandemic coming soon, But How soon, From where will it begin and how contagious would this one.
The Series also takes us through some start-ups with experienced researchers are working on a Vaccine that would fight any disease a one-shot for all. The trials are going on & How sad is the state of Affairs in the USA as many county hospitals & hospitals are shutting down as they have a lack of funding from the government. 

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