The shortest version of cricket
The shortest version of cricket

the “IPL season 5” was the perfect “Dirty picture” with “U/A”certification that had the long intervals,tense games & if the on field games were not enough for the drama .There was off the field drama too with KING KHAN being targeted to get the viewership back for the last stage of the matches.and not priety zinta during her team match against a team that was virtually out in the 4 week and also she is not as big as the king .And @ the end there were the apologies from the king him self of bollywood and the decsion of his ban remains in suspense so that the people a billion odd of them can watch season 6 to know what will happen now that his team has won.but again was team kolkata winning a compensation of the ban? or do they really deserve . and the champions “CSK”were not given the bad light after they lost why?and them not winning for the third time in a row showed that every thing is planned just like our movies that has the script but we are not aware. also was CSK entrance in the final to get more viewership and streching the match till the end when all was well.

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