Is it all about being seen?


 Imagine if actors did all the job from cinematography , their make up  and handling the camera .

If they did all the work ,they would surely not last for more than 5 years ,and could surely not maintain themselves .
so now I come to the main point ,the technical department who do the camera works,sound should be encouraged to take this profession ,by rewarding them with good salary and daily wages its because they aren’t payed well they aren’t able to make their kids educated , also since the technical aspect is also a tiring job and not everybody can do it ,these people should be appreciated once a while and make them feel as much important as actors,director,musicians 
also I am sharing my views on this after I read an article today in the newspaper where the generous king khan ,met a wife of a camera man and when she spoke ,and told him that there is no finance for her daughter’s education and hence she had to dropout from school …. Are we exploiting are workforce ,by taking advantage of them because of their education qualification ,if so why ,they are people who are working as hard as actor  and what do they get ,they don’t get noticed,appreciated and get low income enough for a meal a day .
does that mean if you aren’t an actor here you aren’t anything .

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