Weekend in Sri Lanka !

Having visited Sri Lanka five years ago.I was familiar with the city. And the excitement of working on Project for a Destination that I would be visting again after a five years was on another level. I did not know what to expect in the five years that had gone by .And after travelling extensivelyContinue reading “Weekend in Sri Lanka !”

Time Please !!

Time-Why should one use it effectively? And why should we keep a watch on the time? And what is time exactly? Time is just a way of keeping a tab! On how long you should take to complete the task! And how long you took to finally complete it Time let’s you realise what’s yourContinue reading “Time Please !!”

Is it all about being seen?

 Imagine if actors did all the job from cinematography , their make up  and handling the camera . If they did all the work ,they would surely not last for more than 5 years ,and could surely not maintain themselves . so now I come to the main point ,the technical department who do theContinue reading “Is it all about being seen?”