Being Human !!

The concept is nice,about having human books (HumanBeings) who are stories,And would like to speak about a specific chapter from their life,Or the whole book could be about them. But, it Could have been more interesting as in stories . Each reader(Participants) gets to choose his books from the library and has 20 minutes toContinue reading “Being Human !!”

illogical Indians !

Indians by nature like to save Money.But, They don’t realise they aren’t saving much.For the past week I was observing customer’s  Behaviour at my Store and realised that people believe they would be saving money if they buy 4 eggs for rupee 24, Rather than buying 6 eggs for rupees 35.Why would you go shoppingContinue reading “illogical Indians !”

who are we ? 

  We are humans ,yes I know that .We have flesh around our bones ,we have features describing the way we look or appear .We have a mind that’s not our own ,I mean just think about it ,we look at things and speak about it to others ,we hear arguments but don’t often give ourContinue reading “who are we ? “