illogical Indians !


Indians by nature like to save Money.But, They don’t realise they aren’t saving much.For the past week I was observing customer’s  Behaviour at my Store and realised that people believe they would be saving money if they buy 4 eggs for rupee 24, Rather than buying 6 eggs for rupees 35.Why would you go shopping everyday to stock up your house? Wouldn’t you utilise that time for something better?

No,Here in this small town people believe its a nice time pass going shopping everyday.Stupid Logic.

Its not just with eggs. Cheese cubes pack of ten cost 105 (10.5 per cube) but people would still buy 5-6 loose portions costing (rupee 13 each ) that cost 65. 10 rupees more than what it would cost.

If this is with buying loose products

The other side of a  products available for about 5 rupees less in another store, A few  kilometre away.People will still go to the outlet,Forgetting that another 10-15 minutes would go in travelling,and are  they 100% sure,The product will be available at the location? But what If ,its not available?

They come back to buy the goods at the MRP(Maximum Retail price)

Why don’t people realise that they are wasting money and fuel for something that has now cost them more than it was.

Through my travelling,I have surely realised if you find something in a particular store and you want it,You must grab it.

That’s the same with Promos.

A company giving a promotional scheme,People still want only 1 piece and not the free.What’s that logic?

I mean,earlier people would cry why don’t you have any promotions?Today when we have a few on MNC’s product people want to pay 1/2 the price for the good instead of the whole price for two.

Even with looking at manufacturing dates, People find it old if its two months old and forget their are still 10 months left .

But you know why this anger’s me?

Because they are hogging on food in restaurants without realising how stale the food is.And are happy to get whatever they can have on their plates.

Yes, Indian’s are amazing.They want,What they want without paying a single rupee extra ,and  only what can fit in their storage and refrigerators.

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