Revisiting The Japanese Break!

Japan is not just a country but a culture! The moment had arrived when we were not just thinking about Japan!  But, had actioned our vacation in 2018!  The flights were getting booked! The hotel, Train Tickets and Visa process had begun.  The countdown was inching closer!  Japan was happening!  The first stop of ourContinue reading “Revisiting The Japanese Break!”

Road less travelled ?

Travelling ,There are a lot of people who haven’t even started traveling the globe and then there are a few who’s work doesn’t keep them apart from travelling the globe but have you wondered what’s these groups have in common ,” food “well the most of them its to make a choice from the optionsContinue reading “Road less travelled ?”

brief history of Travel guides !!

*The first travel guide was the form of a periplus (a latin word for a “sailing around”) a manuscript that charted portsand landmarks (and the distant between them)that a sailing vessel  would expect to find along a shore .later ,pilgrims tales of their religious travel around europe became popular guides . Between 15th & 17thContinue reading “brief history of Travel guides !!”