The world !!!


The World is moving around and round,

But  our heads are still, still.

Still understanding,How everything still fits the bill.

The bill of our will.

 A will  of our till.

A Till that is endless than our will.

Yet still.

Our Head Is on the  Ground and 

 we are standing tall 

And having a ball.

Rolling on the wall.

Till we  fall.

And Become a Bomb.

A bomb that sheds tears,

Tears that taste like beer.

Beer that’s still not clear, 

Oh! Dear 

The world is moving around.

Yet , I am standing still there.

And my mind racing, 

There,There and everywhere.

Wherever I could imagine.

It travels, with just the thought of being there

There,Where everything is the same and nothing changes.

But,Ranges from  an accepatations to some expectations.

Yet, We are still stationed.

 The world is moving around and round.

Round, still to be found

And bound to  still  be lost.

Lost  and to be tossed.

World is moving around and round.

 – Akhil Nanda 





Road less travelled ?

Travelling ,There are a lot of people who haven’t even started traveling the globe and then there are a few who’s work doesn’t keep them apart from travelling the globe but have you wondered what’s these groups have in common ,” food “well the most of them its to make a choice from the options given on the menu ,with being on the “safe ” side the one which you would pick at home too ,but to travel the globe is also an experiment with the local cuisines ,which we traveller are skeptical about or are mostly clueless about ,since we depend on the travel agencies or are willing to do little research about the place .And with so much of information on the net the traveller haven’t really become active but lazier to plan more than what they can do .

US visa !!!

The past 10 days were really stressful ,since we were applying for the US Visa finally after nearly three years of contemplation and so we were going through it if the in ,were all correct and more importantly if we had got the appointment for the 13th&14th we were getting excited as well as nervous ,what will they ask us ,will they be moody to reject ,how long will we have to wait to know ,it seemed like one of the toughest exams ,so after going through FAQs ,we were now even more worried who will have to answer the question ,what if we fumble ,pause for a while .
So the day finally came where we had to go through our biometric test and we were going in for the final interview to really know whether or not we were going to get a visa
So we joint a long queue ,with all professionals ,students ,senior citizen ,families in the queue and some seemed so ordinary too .
So we have now entered the premises ,like a high security cell with a garden and a few seating space after a security check .
Now here we see people phone getting confiscated since they were strictly prohibited ,charges being thrown away since again no electronic allowed and then we are finally going to a AC room where we have about 40 counters and 100s in the queue .while we again had to do the biometric test to cross check our identity .also that moment when I was handed my passport before the test was a moment of shock and a little worry but was taken before the interview .😊
And now the last five minutes of actually knowing whether have we or haven’t we .
So while our turn had just come ,we just saw a few visas being rejected and were a little worried again .
Then came our turn and the question were answered with ease and then a few minutes later got the visa approved .A sigh of relief
It’s USA this year ..

brief history of Travel guides !!

the world has changed .

*The first travel guide was the form of a periplus (a latin word for a “sailing around”) a manuscript that charted portsand landmarks (and the distant between them)that a sailing vessel  would expect to find along a shore .later ,pilgrims tales of their religious travel around europe became popular guides .

  • Between 15th & 17th centuries ,published accounts of aristocrats grand tours around Europe  became the standard for many travellers Richard lassels ,priest and travel writer ,published the voyage of Italy in 1670 .
  • The early 19th century ,marina starks’s guide to travelling in France & Italy recognised the of the budget traveller in UK .The first travel guide to be published in the US was gideon Minor Davison The fashionable Tour (1822)
  • The modern guidebook came into being in 1830s when long -distance travel became a trend .Murray’s handbook for traveller covered destination in Europe,Asia and Africa.
  • The 21st century the iPad and smartphones have induced publisher to look into e-book and apps .world is  just  a touch away .



this is INDIA where there are millions
only thousands can be seen,
This is INDIA where the means of transportation are Mean
         This is INDIA where were we are not fearless but are afaird @ the same time.
                          This is india where friends are enemy
and enemy are friends
               this is INDIA where we think about are self first and then think about others.
This is INDIA where there is not 1 government running properly
but there are 27 more who are running on the same track
this is INDIA where money is spent to be compared
and be one level higher than normal .
This is INDIA
where students who achieve 99 still want that 100
this is india where
people let things run the way the are running
this is INDIA where nobody see the benefit of the country.
This is INDIA where the tag of celebs matter the most.
This is india where people are in a race to seek gods blessing
and the only place where a VIP is different from a common man.
                    this is INDIA
 where a truth is lie
and lie is the truth .
This is INDIA where security given to celebs is more than common man.
this is INDIA where people have short memories.
                                      this is INDIA
and we are INDIANS who opions are not taken but bought for the political reasons .
this is INDIA where its will be there,
This is INDIA
              where attitudes changes for a reason
this is INDIA
where people are treated like dogs
this is INDIA where people will remain dogs
no matter how well you have trained them.
or how expericined experts you have sitting in the parliament.
This is INDIA
where other get benefited because of your “idea”
which was stupid to them.
this is INDIA where traffic signal are made every miles because the vechiles have incread so much that they need to go beyond the given area.
This is INDIA where the tags”drivers””maids” are taken the way they are.
this is INDIA and the only INDIA.
where corruption has to RR representing the rupees overflowing to swiss banks.
this is INDIA where Gods have genres
and where Gods are catogrized .
This is INDIA where in the end we think about other once we are done with our parsies
this is INDIA where we don’t know whats happieng in the present and hence can only look @ the past and feel good or bad.
This is INDIA where we don’t know the future.
and hence don’t know is it worth having a dream.
This is  INDIA where INDIANs are underestimated
       akhil nandaImage