Being Human !!

The concept is nice,about having human books (HumanBeings) who are stories,And would like to speak about a specific chapter from their life,Or the whole book could be about them. But, it Could have been more interesting as in stories .

Each reader(Participants) gets to choose his books from the library and has 20 minutes to be the part of a group who too would be interested in knowing the HumanStory. The Books that I read, I Had the time to read only 3 from the shelves,But many off the shelves.

 First one A story about a girl who’s story was about a journey of a restless mind. 

And it was just like any other story Fighting sucide attempts and over coming it. 

The second one about the helpline service available for the sucidal cases and about him,Why did he begin this initiative and the other passions of his life.

The last book was interesting as it was an fascinating story about how the circle of life was complete for him after being born in Mumbai later landing in Belgium village,Travelling to Amsterdam and coming back to this city. And Manages to solve the puzzle of his existence.

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