who are we ? 

  We are humans ,yes I know that .We have flesh around our bones ,we have features describing the way we look or appear .We have a mind that’s not our own ,I mean just think about it ,we look at things and speak about it to others ,we hear arguments but don’t often give our opinion .Or do we ?we are confused to think what to do ? we describe things our eyes see ,and rarely speak what are mind says .We believe myths which haven’t been proved , and told by a third person .We become stupid when others are watching or become reserved we change according to situation We are ourself only when we are alone .We agree with 90% of the people and disagree with the 10% since majority wins .But at the same time believe nothing is impossible because 10% have done it .

We live to tell share stories ,which change every time we tell them .

We are afraid of making mistakes ,yet give examples of how mistakes can occasionally take us to the right path.

We want freedom but still are not willing to be alone .

We believe in truth ,what we think is the truth .

We don’t think about ourself as intelligent ,stupid ,crazy or dumb until we have been told by somebody and we start believing in it .

We have role models ,who are criminals ,yet we want to be a hero .

We keep telling other people who dream ,come back to reality .But we still want to dream .

We want to rule the world ,but aren’t willing to be ruled .

We want to change the world ,yet can’t change ourself’s.

Who are we actually ?

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I am Still Trying To Write ...

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