this is INDIA where there are millions
only thousands can be seen,
This is INDIA where the means of transportation are Mean
         This is INDIA where were we are not fearless but are afaird @ the same time.
                          This is india where friends are enemy
and enemy are friends
               this is INDIA where we think about are self first and then think about others.
This is INDIA where there is not 1 government running properly
but there are 27 more who are running on the same track
this is INDIA where money is spent to be compared
and be one level higher than normal .
This is INDIA
where students who achieve 99 still want that 100
this is india where
people let things run the way the are running
this is INDIA where nobody see the benefit of the country.
This is INDIA where the tag of celebs matter the most.
This is india where people are in a race to seek gods blessing
and the only place where a VIP is different from a common man.
                    this is INDIA
 where a truth is lie
and lie is the truth .
This is INDIA where security given to celebs is more than common man.
this is INDIA where people have short memories.
                                      this is INDIA
and we are INDIANS who opions are not taken but bought for the political reasons .
this is INDIA where its will be there,
This is INDIA
              where attitudes changes for a reason
this is INDIA
where people are treated like dogs
this is INDIA where people will remain dogs
no matter how well you have trained them.
or how expericined experts you have sitting in the parliament.
This is INDIA
where other get benefited because of your “idea”
which was stupid to them.
this is INDIA where traffic signal are made every miles because the vechiles have incread so much that they need to go beyond the given area.
This is INDIA where the tags”drivers””maids” are taken the way they are.
this is INDIA and the only INDIA.
where corruption has to RR representing the rupees overflowing to swiss banks.
this is INDIA where Gods have genres
and where Gods are catogrized .
This is INDIA where in the end we think about other once we are done with our parsies
this is INDIA where we don’t know whats happieng in the present and hence can only look @ the past and feel good or bad.
This is INDIA where we don’t know the future.
and hence don’t know is it worth having a dream.
This is  INDIA where INDIANs are underestimated
       akhil nandaImage

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