Social OutBurst!

The outrage of social media platforms sharing your personal information and Data hasn’t gone down too well,With a whole lot of us. And I wonder why?

We ourself like giving all information,when & where we were on weekends,liking news articles and writing message on our profile walls to know what’s on our mind. Then why are we so shaken with this news?

The very fact,Of you searching something online and then going across on to your social networking site,and getting tailored made ads.Should have striked you,What’s happening with your data.

And when celebrities are too being outspoken,I wonder is it all another publicity stunt.

The Bombay times,Is one newspaper which publishes what,You want it to feed. And other entertainment newspapers do the same too.Then why the #DeleteFacebook.

When you are happily sharing your post with hundreds and thousands of your friends.

What difference does  it make to you.

The difference is ,If personal data gets leaked.But, What personal data are we fearing? We are too pleased to have everything a click way.

Rather than being worried about social media platforms using our data.

We should see,How we could share the minimum/least information on online platform.

A decade in Social Media

Social Media,It’s been a decade since I have been  on the online space ,officially part of various social media platform.The oldest being the social networking site  and The most recent being Snapchat.And in between  part of various other platforms which did not survive too long to be part of the decade evolution.

In this  past decade the platforms that I have been part of ,are Facebook and  twitter.Twitter took over my Interest ,because  of interactions between the people who you thought you wouldn’t be accessible to Facebook for having  different friend circle as part of a platform.while enjoying the best of both the worlds .I Jumped into WordPress as a blogger,blogging my experiences of life and experiences worth sharing . It then summed up my life   as WTF !! WordPress,Twitter and Facebook . 

But, Wait ! Then Instagram took over as soon as Mobile cameras became the most handy camera’s of our time.Messaging became more convenient through WhatsApp and the online world evolved .Each applications becoming a mirror application of one another. Trying to be the one stop app.But,yet we like our apps for their own reasons.

I have been surviving on so many platforms. and the reason, I believe is the personality each of the apps portrays . My  Facebook friends won’t be interested in blogging articles or my Instagramers won’t like “thePhotography element missing from my photos of the picture perfect landscapes around the world.

The platforms that  I am part of enhances my personality perceive me Unconsciously in the following ways below:

Twitter-An intellectual/Influencer

Facebook-Anti Social

WordPress -A Critic

WhatsApp-Can’t talk WhatsApp only too busy to make and take  calls.

Instagram -A Photographer

LinkedIn-The  networker.

But,Each of these platforms tells me one thing.

That my friends circle too should  also be split into  different groups! Imagine having only a group of intellectuals or being part of an anti-Social group only How boring and monotonous it  would be.


Is media responsible for shaping the society as a group and  as an individual?
Think about it? 
The media informs us of what is  happening around us,By feeding us with information which they believe might interest us.
There is so much happening around the world,In our country,State and city.That isn’t reported or becomes a eye rolling headline.
May be because,There would be limited audience,attracted to the news.It’s too good to be shared.
Since we all love to share news that have some spice in it. 
Do you  know what happened last night??
It’s not part of a growth strategy for particular beat in the state,City financially ,Economically,Socially and politically and Technologically.
Media is 
responsible for the outlook we perceive of our neighbouring country and culture.
But,More importantly The way the world perceives us as a country and fellow citizen of the country.
The Power,Withheld with journalist and media houses of telling the truth or what’s the truth happening around by balancing their view and not being biased,should be used in rather neutral way ,the  argument weighting the pros and Cons  should be left to the public to decide what they think.
Rather than harping  on  their own thinking as to what we think must have happened and which we truly believe it was.
Media needs to encourage the expression of Opinions and views one might have towards the freedom of the speech,And being the Voice of the voiceless who are waiting to be heard. 

Tech visit !!!

The F-a-c-e-b-o-o-k E–f-f -e-c–t!!!
Just arrived at California ,San Jose and while just chatting I asked my cousin ,could we go and see the fb office (since he has got a job with fb)
Was really excited to visit the office and the morning appeared time for sightseeing ,the first stop google HQ this was looking like a fun place to work and a walk around .the next stop is Facebook ,we entered and Mark was busy in a meeting and that was it the moment to get a glimpse of mark was one Wow !!!moment .
The journey had begun and we understood the cultural which is casual ,people in short ,slippers ,who were either lying down and working ,working in the garden space and just like a cafe environment where everybody is in the same surrounding , the senior representatives and the juniors while some were writing algorithm to make it a better Facebook experience for its users ,other were busy brainstorming or working on Instagram .
Everything was on the house for the employee drinks,snacks ,gadgets and a whole lot of food from around the world for the nationalities from the world working at Facebook .
Surely one of these days and visit which give you the privilege of first hand experience of the environment .

snapchat like app by Facebook?

So what if Facebook cannot acquire snapchat ?but they can surely try their hands on making something similar.So here we are with “SLINGSHOT”an app which is very similar to snapchat but with a few twist ,just like you send pictures and they disappear in no time in snapchat ,here you would have to send a sling (reply to a sling) to view the picture,message and then only a picture can be viewed .
Through Slingshot, users can take a photo, add images and text and other creative accoutrements.
This app was accidentally launched on the iTunes Store on Tuesday ,but Is only available in a few select countries .
And The Slingshot app requires iOS 7.0 or later and will apparently be compatible with iPads. The app will be optimized for the iPhone 5.
It seems like the next app which would be driving people to share the username on the social networking .Its the app that again will let you
quickly share moments—little and big—with all your friends. Shoot a photo or video of what you’re up to and sling it to a bunch of people. They won’t be able to see your shot until they sling something back. Tap on a shot to react, or simply swipe it away.