A decade in Social Media

Social Media,It’s been a decade since I have been  on the online space ,officially part of various social media platform.The oldest being the social networking site  and The most recent being Snapchat.And in between  part of various other platforms which did not survive too long to be part of the decade evolution.

In this  past decade the platforms that I have been part of ,are Facebook and  twitter.Twitter took over my Interest ,because  of interactions between the people who you thought you wouldn’t be accessible to Facebook for having  different friend circle as part of a platform.while enjoying the best of both the worlds .I Jumped into WordPress as a blogger,blogging my experiences of life and experiences worth sharing . It then summed up my life   as WTF !! WordPress,Twitter and Facebook . 

But, Wait ! Then Instagram took over as soon as Mobile cameras became the most handy camera’s of our time.Messaging became more convenient through WhatsApp and the online world evolved .Each applications becoming a mirror application of one another. Trying to be the one stop app.But,yet we like our apps for their own reasons.

I have been surviving on so many platforms. and the reason, I believe is the personality each of the apps portrays . My  Facebook friends won’t be interested in blogging articles or my Instagramers won’t like “thePhotography element missing from my photos of the picture perfect landscapes around the world.

The platforms that  I am part of enhances my personality perceive me Unconsciously in the following ways below:

Twitter-An intellectual/Influencer

Facebook-Anti Social

WordPress -A Critic

WhatsApp-Can’t talk WhatsApp only too busy to make and take  calls.

Instagram -A Photographer

LinkedIn-The  networker.

But,Each of these platforms tells me one thing.

That my friends circle too should  also be split into  different groups! Imagine having only a group of intellectuals or being part of an anti-Social group only How boring and monotonous it  would be.

What’s Next for Facebook?

Facebook’s acquisition of mobile messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stock, is by far Mark Zuckerberg-led company’s largest acquisition and bigger than any that Google, Microsoft or Apple Inc have ever done.

Facebook said it is keeping WhatsApp as a separate service, just as it did with Instagram, which it bought for about $715.3 million in two years ago.
 Facebook has just acquired whatsApp for $19billion. Here is an social networking site which is a decade old and the other is a messaging app which is not even  5 years old,so that bring a question on my mind does Facebook want to take over the social world ? after even acquire Instagram almost two years ago .
 quite similar to Facebook and here are the few similarities
You can block a number ,like a friend on Facebook 
You can also update status here just like you do on Facebook 
thats not all you can share photos,upload videos and change profile picture regularly 
but the difference is its one of the most popular “messaging app”which is used instead of SMS  in today time .
WhatsApp is available on free download on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows smartphones. All Android phones running the Android 2.1 and above, all BlackBerry devices running OS 4.7 and later, including BlackBerry 10, and all iPhones running iOS 4.3 and later.
Also a drawback of whatsApp is you can’t sent friend request like you do on Facebook as once somebody as your contact and whatsApp he can already view your profile the details like your ,status,pictures .Since you are on his/her contact and if you too are on whatsApp .WhatsApp Inc. was  founded in 2009 by Americans Brain acton & Jan koum (CEO) who are ex-employees of Yahoo !