Tech visit !!!

The F-a-c-e-b-o-o-k E–f-f -e-c–t!!!
Just arrived at California ,San Jose and while just chatting I asked my cousin ,could we go and see the fb office (since he has got a job with fb)
Was really excited to visit the office and the morning appeared time for sightseeing ,the first stop google HQ this was looking like a fun place to work and a walk around .the next stop is Facebook ,we entered and Mark was busy in a meeting and that was it the moment to get a glimpse of mark was one Wow !!!moment .
The journey had begun and we understood the cultural which is casual ,people in short ,slippers ,who were either lying down and working ,working in the garden space and just like a cafe environment where everybody is in the same surrounding , the senior representatives and the juniors while some were writing algorithm to make it a better Facebook experience for its users ,other were busy brainstorming or working on Instagram .
Everything was on the house for the employee drinks,snacks ,gadgets and a whole lot of food from around the world for the nationalities from the world working at Facebook .
Surely one of these days and visit which give you the privilege of first hand experience of the environment .

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