Social OutBurst!

The outrage of social media platforms sharing your personal information and Data hasn’t gone down too well,With a whole lot of us. And I wonder why?

We ourself like giving all information,when & where we were on weekends,liking news articles and writing message on our profile walls to know what’s on our mind. Then why are we so shaken with this news?

The very fact,Of you searching something online and then going across on to your social networking site,and getting tailored made ads.Should have striked you,What’s happening with your data.

And when celebrities are too being outspoken,I wonder is it all another publicity stunt.

The Bombay times,Is one newspaper which publishes what,You want it to feed. And other entertainment newspapers do the same too.Then why the #DeleteFacebook.

When you are happily sharing your post with hundreds and thousands of your friends.

What difference does  it make to you.

The difference is ,If personal data gets leaked.But, What personal data are we fearing? We are too pleased to have everything a click way.

Rather than being worried about social media platforms using our data.

We should see,How we could share the minimum/least information on online platform.


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