Is media responsible for shaping the society as a group and  as an individual?
Think about it? 
The media informs us of what is  happening around us,By feeding us with information which they believe might interest us.
There is so much happening around the world,In our country,State and city.That isn’t reported or becomes a eye rolling headline.
May be because,There would be limited audience,attracted to the news.It’s too good to be shared.
Since we all love to share news that have some spice in it. 
Do you  know what happened last night??
It’s not part of a growth strategy for particular beat in the state,City financially ,Economically,Socially and politically and Technologically.
Media is 
responsible for the outlook we perceive of our neighbouring country and culture.
But,More importantly The way the world perceives us as a country and fellow citizen of the country.
The Power,Withheld with journalist and media houses of telling the truth or what’s the truth happening around by balancing their view and not being biased,should be used in rather neutral way ,the  argument weighting the pros and Cons  should be left to the public to decide what they think.
Rather than harping  on  their own thinking as to what we think must have happened and which we truly believe it was.
Media needs to encourage the expression of Opinions and views one might have towards the freedom of the speech,And being the Voice of the voiceless who are waiting to be heard. 

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