An Experience!!!

The day had finally arrived of the AQ(AutoQuoitient) ,and we were wondering what the format would be like ,what the question would be like,who might the participants be ? and so the two of us , one a crazy auto lover , who has dedicated a blog and has a page too on social networkingContinue reading “An Experience!!!”

Sachin Tendulkar -“good things do come in small packages”

“Good things do some in small packages” When a 16 year old kid 5″5 ft walked in to the crease in 89″ who would have thought he would have a journey of 24 years with excitement ,fun ,drama ,action all that a masala movie would have in 3 hr this guy had it all heContinue reading “Sachin Tendulkar -“good things do come in small packages””


  The concept was introduced in a 2008 paper by a pseudonymous   Developer   known only as “Satoshi Nakamoto”, who called it a Peer-to-peer  , electronic cash system and There are people who are very excited about the idea behind Bitcoin. As Bitcoins can be transferred through a computer   or Smartphone  without an intermediate financial institution. The processing ofContinue reading “Bitcoins!!!”