Love is forever !!!


It’s true , to love somebody you must experience what love is because if you don’t really understand what love is then how can you really love somebody .

Also love is one of the word which has too many meanings and is a little complicated to understand so it’s really important to experience it before you fall in love. Love can be experienced while travelling on holidays by just hearing somebody’s love story or it can be experienced by watching a romantic comedy. Last but not the least it can be experienced by reading great romantic novels. We as people only relate to love when we have experienced it ourself by feeling some goosebumps or by feeling something different and that’s when our ideology of love is created and we crave for it by looking for somebody who has a few virtues that we truly like. We feel they are the ones who make us realise truly who we really are.  We are in love when we think about someone time and again. Love gets intense by giving it a dramatic feel and feeling the same emotions while narrating the story to friends or our close ones and that’s why to love somebody you must experience it. Love grows fonder not by expressing it but by being part of an emotional experience or being a part of a story or being a character of the story itself .Click on the link below to view the preview of Tigermate story is love. Love is a story that we would all like to make our grandchildren experience when we grow old. Someday it will only love.

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