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“You live in your shoes, you die in your shoes. And you go to heaven. Everyday”-Quote from the book Tiger Mates
We are uncontrollable ,and full of smiles when we always speak about something that we are passionate about, something we always want to do and something that always makes us all charged up and forget everything in this world for that one moment or while we are enjoying doing the thing that interest us. We go to an extent of not worrying about the consequences even though there is a huge risk involved ,and where we don’t know how successful or how much failure will we face but the one thing that we are sure about is not regretting that we never tried to do something we were crazy about even though it was a small amount of money we get out of this but we get satisfaction of doing something that is close to us every single day. And something that makes us feel we were born to do this and we will do it till we are alive .”The two most important days in you are life the day you are born and the day you find out why” -Mark Twain
Bring out the tiger in you ,live the tiger in you but don’t kill the tiger in you .Mate .So what are you waiting for… Take the preview of tiger mate on amazon by clicking on the link below:

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