Being In Love


“Love can make the whole world upside down “

A girl in love is usually at her best when she falls in love .Whether it’s her attitude towards life ,or whether it’s her confidence  both seems to be positive through the phase of being in love with somebody , love gives confidence and the glowing face shows that
It’s also at this time where I would like to paraphrase  the quote the “human brain is so amazing that 24 hours 365 days it works but only stops when we  “fall  in love ”
The quote is true since the one in love lives in a world full of illusions or a fairytale world that is distant from reality and which is one of the main reasons why girls are at the their best when they are in love. Also for some it’s a world of dream where they are the best in their own way.Its the Tiger in you that comes out when you are in love,When you are on fire .

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