Power of Love !!!


“the lucky ones know the value of love,while the others only know the value of money”

Love is the reason behind we being on the planet earth ,its because your parents fell in love with each other that you were born in the human world ,its because of them you have had an upbringing that has made you the person you are today ,whether its your love of friends ,love for movies or  love for somebody it is the experience and emotions you went through . And you too want to experience  the same with somebody who you love and who loves you .
 Love makes  you a better person
Love can be materialistic and emotinal . Where one side you have things to teach others and on the other side you have things to learn.
Love is the only thing that makes relationships between two people stronger and not hatred or jealously ,love doesn’t cost money ,love is in the air ,love doesn’t come with an expiry date its only the misunderstanding between that can expire your  love before its time has come.

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