Happy New Year!!

The Last Week Of 2017,Hadn’t been planned.And had no idea it  would be another Hectic week ahead right since the week began,The preparation of the Annual ‘Cookie Exchange ‘we’re getting done,From the menu,To the Photoshoot. Thinking ahead  for 2018,Ordered Books online,And Had The Photoshoot planned for the  books  which I not only planned to startContinue reading “Happy New Year!!”

The Intern !!!

The Intern -what if you are a 70 year old retired ,and then you don’t expect the retirement ,to be the way you thought it would be .And then suddenly you want to go and work again .And so this 70 year old Robert di Nero goes and Works in a new startup as anContinue reading “The Intern !!!”

Sunday Experience !

Sunday ….no not boring ,but an adventurous Sunday .we were just thinking what to do today and So planned to go for lunch with a friend and just around the corner of our destination ,our fuel was over .we didn’t know what to do …no petrol station close by and so we had to take a rickshaw and goContinue reading “Sunday Experience !”