Sunday Experience !

Sunday ….no not boring ,but an adventurous Sunday .we were just thinking what to do today and So planned to go for lunch with a friend and just around the corner of our destination ,our fuel was over .we didn’t know what to do …no petrol station close by and so we had to take a rickshaw and go to the near petrol station to get fuel .
So we bought a bottle of water had a few sips and threw the rest . The petrol pump manager refused to give us fuel in the bottle since it’s banned  ,then we told the rickshaw driver they refused to give it to him too 
We then asked the manager where we could get the fuel in a bottle or container ,he suggested  another petrol station a little further .There finally we got fuel about 4 Ltrs in a container and went to the place where the car stopped we poured the fuel,went back to the petrol station and refuelled for about ₹500 and then finally went to candies for lunch @2:30.

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