Happy New Year!!

The Last Week Of 2017,Hadn’t been planned.And had no idea it  would be another Hectic week ahead right since the week began,The preparation of the Annual ‘Cookie Exchange ‘we’re getting done,From the menu,To the Photoshoot. Thinking ahead  for 2018,Ordered Books online,And Had The Photoshoot planned for the  books  which I not only planned to startContinue reading “Happy New Year!!”

Friendship !!

Making a friend ,these days has become easier than ever before, and boasting of having X number of friends on a particular social networking site or on some photo sharing app and many other places has made it clear that we have quite a large number of friends wherever we go . Some of us areContinue reading “Friendship !!”

Friendship Day!!!

Friendship Day …do we really need a day where we need to show how much we care for our friends .And what exactly is friendship … is it liking pictures & retweeting stuff on popular social networking sites or is it spending time with your friends for activities which have sportsman spirit ,egoistic attitude andContinue reading “Friendship Day!!!”