Happy New Year!!

The Last Week Of 2017,Hadn’t been planned.And had no idea it  would be another Hectic week ahead right since the week began,The preparation of the Annual ‘Cookie Exchange ‘we’re getting done,From the menu,To the Photoshoot.

Thinking ahead  for 2018,Ordered Books online,And Had The Photoshoot planned for the  books  which I not only planned to start my Year with ,But almost done reading “ExitWest” to having  fulfilled one of my other passions besides Filmmaking. Sharing my learning  and experiences with  others ,some teaching.Well Yes”Coffee Tasting” sessions for lovers of the beans and for the listeners of a Radio Station 104.2 Fm jiyodilse.The 365 Day  calendar Year!!

Surely had a mix of 365 different  moments. Including the eve that welcomed the Year in a simple  way of having Conversation with  friends who are more likely to be frequently met over this Year. And to conclude the night with Irish Coffee with a friend at home.

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