The Intern !!!

The Intern -what if you are a 70 year old retired ,and then you don’t expect the retirement ,to be the way you thought it would be .And then suddenly you want to go and work again .And so this 70 year old Robert di Nero goes and Works in a new startup as an intern ,through a new senior citizen programme .The movie is full of moments of laughter and understanding how a business needs time to grow and how much time is consumed when we only work.
A good choice for Sunday afternoon show ,after being in two minds ,since our first choice “Everest ” was houseful and the “Intern ” made our Sunday .
The star cast was another thumbs up for the film.Robert di Nero timely expression ,made the movie more exciting to watch ,AnnE Hathaway the main lead on who the movie revolves around too did a good job in the emotional scenes .
The story too of how 70 year old’s ,being traditional have their calculators,suitcase, the simple mobile phones showed how these objects have become classical forgettable tools ,in the modern world .
Scenes ,where the actor’s want be part of the new generation ,being on the social networking sites also showed ,if we can just tell them how to use the basic features they can be good learners.

A great movie ,with a simple story.
The intern.

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