Mind Games!!!



Mind Game,The mind is so divided between the sub-conscious and conscious that even the sub-conscious thoughts in our mind play on our    Psychic and  we  hardly realise the damage it does to us It’s only when we  pay close attention to our sub-conscious mind that we realise how much our thoughts in our sub-consciousness over take our conscious mind.Yet we still do so little in the way we translate or can change the way we can process our energy and thoughts.

But,How many of us really understand Psychology?

Why are we so bad in understanding why people do something ? The way they do it ? 

Or we clearly understand,But are scared  of  being vocal and verbal in expressing.

Do we understand ourself ? Or we are just pleased to opinionated how the other is the way they are ? 

Sometimes psychologically we have made strong representative characteristics of people around us that we ourself find it hard to believe when they change as people ,that we find it difficult to accept that yes people change,You change,We change. Because it’s only the change that is constant among us.

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