Seriously an Adventurous Trip!

The moment we stepped into Della and walked into Parsi Dhaba for lunch,

The A.C wasn’t functioning properly.

We moved into another table and lunch was served, a few minutes later a living fly was found on my dad’s plate while he was eating Mutton Dhansak,

So the service staff, wondered what should be done, they got a fresh plate and little mutton dhansak without a mutton piece.

This was just the beginning, we walked into our rooms filled with dampness. No, we did not get an early check-in. This was normal check-in time. No Towels, Tap holder not present.

We did post a social media review, immediately the team asked to pull it off and informed us the team would resolve our issues.

We did go For the dinner too much talked about Villa Bistro and it would the highlight of our stay. We did not get any call or nobody met us.

Got a call at 11 pm, Sir You did not come for dinner today.

Breakfast: We asked for a Cappuccino. But the staff said we don’t serve it for breakfast. We did enjoy the Dosa, Eggs, Waffles and pancake with Nutella and Maple Syrup

And decide to explore the property a little more, during the day and we’re walking by the poolside, where I noticed the coffee machine set up and not just that, there were guests, who were enjoying latté and cappuccino because I peeped into their cup and noticed the frothy milk.

So then I decided to go get one for myself.

The Staff refused to give a cappuccino sighting it’s not functional. I could very well see the steam and the machine switched on.

Ok! That did not bother me, but while I was still around a cup of Hot Capuccino was requested by another guest and served to him. But not me, even I too was an In-house guest staying at Della.

Hair Dryer & Iron too were not functional

I have been disappointed and dissatisfied totally. If you can’t serve to the full capacity or handle the crowd. Limit it.

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