Jaisalmer: Rajasthan February 2020!!

After travelling to nearly most of the prominent cities of the state. (Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur ) Jaisalmer was one that I had not visited yet or hadn’t experienced yet.

But, a Weekend Gateway that was planned was the perfect chance to Witness the city in it’s truest sense. Immediately after coming back from Nagpur, The next morning, I had taken the flight for Jaisalmer- There was a huge excitement of going to a new place, and that was from the moment we took off to the moment we were landing, A total Desert area I hadn’t witnessed anything like this since a long time and THE Best place in Jaisalmer SURYAGHAR was my subject and venue for the weekend. And what a property- Sunrise point to a sunset point and the structure like a fort was like the perfect combination of the destination and property. The other most important highlight remains the Dunes journey – Photographing and recording the sunset until we reached the venue, where we going to experience a new “Dawn” We had a lively night with entertainment, Guest dancing to DJ Tunes Until a Guest Deejayed the party until the end. The party went all night and we called it a day at 6:30 am at the dunes, but captured and lived the sunrise on the journey back to our hotel.

Jaisalmer has museums and fort which one must visit on their visit to the city, But should also experience Sand Dunes when they are in the city.


The Royal Experience!!

Wonder! why, Did the site Not be used for Recreational purposes Earlier.

The Very fact of the Opera House being under Restoration for about 8 Years.

Shows,the Royalty with which the Opera House which had the term  Royal prefixed when King George V  inaugurated the building in 1911 while the building was still under construction.

The Opera House Has the Grandeur and a presence of state of the art Architecture and feel to it.

It can be one of the few victories of discovering and successfully restoring a stage for Art & Cultural Purposes .

Having been More than a century Old The Royal Opera doesn’t seemed to have the ageing effect.

It’s Surely very competitive to International standards & International Opera Houses around the World.That The Unesco Community has awarded the Stage with a  Asia- Pacific  Award For cultural Heritage Award Conservation. 

An Important Symbol of Art & Culture would have been lost forever,In 1993 Itself,Hadn’t the restoration plans been implemented  in 2008 and executed  for the exterior and the interior restoration from 2011 and complete restoration done by 2016. We wouldn’t have been able to experience the Royal Highness.

The Experience of The Royal Opera House was further enhanced by the Play we watched there “Siddhus of Upper Juhu” A Light-hearted Comedy play with Character portraying life in a Metro of a Parsi-punjab Couple who have moved to the Juhu Surburb and Life of a working couple.

The Night Ended with, Pizza’s for Dinner at TheQuarter A Dining space in the compound of  Royal Opera House.  Live Music playing in the indoor space and The outdoor open space had a lively feel to it.

,We could only Show our Support by visiting the most beautiful site for the events, It has to offer for all of us who live here in the city and in the country. As it is the only existing Opera House in our country.


Halloween is marked as the all saint evening.

A day to remember the dead including the saints ( Hallows) and the other reason the day is celebrated is by marking the end of summer.

The reason why Halloween parties are celebrated and why all the drama of the costumes and ghost are hyped.Because of the tradition of “souling” where you either treated or tricked.You exchange wishes and either get rewarded or scared for life !!

Such an event was held in nashik by 104.2FM RJ aadee and RJ Darshana hosting the event at a newly opened hotel Blvd

There were competitions for the best make up and there were some others who came in the mood already ready in coustumes for the party. There were games too to keep us all busy.

This was also part of the monthly celebrations by the Radio team,To make this city a lively one with events happening every month.

The show!!!

So ,I am in my home town today and there is a jewellery show organised to celebrate their first anniversary ,so we leave at 6:30 since the timing were 6-8 mentioned on the invite ,at the venue and just a couple of us ,and the host hasn’t come yet ,we waited ,waited and at 8 pm the show finally started and the anchor was a little off track,the music was managed well and the jewellery couldn’t be seen ,the outfits itself were so heavy ,I guess they got confused between a fashion and jewellery show .also the model were more confident then the host herself .the people in the city really don’t have sense of humour.
A good attempt for the first time

Kala Ghoda 2014

Kala Ghoda

The 15th Kala Ghoda Festival concluded on sunday the 9th February. Being the last day of the nine day long festival there were thousands of people who visited  Kala Ghoda   in  South Mumbai , to either see the performances of Farhan Akthar or to see the creativity done by students,and todays youth .I had been to the festival last year too and was amazed by the efforts put in by the organiser and team in displaying some interesting things from best out of waste,electronic waste .A brief history of the festival.its inception in 1999, the Festival has grown in stature and popularity, attracting visitors and participants from other parts of the country, and the world. The Festival is organised by the Kala Ghoda Association (a non-profit organisation that states its objectives as “physically upgrading the Kala Ghoda sub-precinct and making it the Art District of Mumbai”) and curated by teams handling each of the sub-festivals.Its held  usually around nine days long either  in late January or early February.The sub-festivals feature the visual arts, dance, music, theatre, cinema, literature, lectures, seminars and workshops, heritage walks, special events for children, and a vibrant street festival. Entry to all events is free to all (only restricted by the size of the venues) . Venues include The  Jehangir Art gallery , The National Gallery of Modern Art  , the David Sassoon Library , Max Mueller Bhavan, Elphinstone  college , the K.R Cama Institue, the M C Ghia Hall, and the street area of Rampart Row. Rampart Row is closed off to vehicular traffic for the duration of the festival, with the entire area becoming a street Mela , with food stalls, artisans selling their creations, artists who sketch instant portraits, street art installations and the like. In recent years, the Festival has expanded beyond the Kala Ghoda crescent, with events being held in Azad Maidan  and Horinman Circle  as well.