International Films @ MAMI Fest

Swiss Army Man Winning the Best Director Award for Dan KWAN,Daniel Scheinert at Sundance Film festival.

A Movie starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter and Paul Dano who was last seen in 12 years a slave.
Hank(Paul Dano) is stranded on a deserted island.Having given up all hopes of making it home again.But One day everything changes when a corpse named manny(Daniel Radcliffe) washes up the shores,The two become and go on epic adventures that will bring Hank back to the woman of his dream.
The movie was unexpectedly one of the best movie I Have watch of Daniel Radcliffe as its humorously,Well constructed movie set in a single location.    

Goodbye to language (Adieu Au LANGUAGE) By JEAN LUC GODARD French swiss film director,Screenwriter and film Critic,The man responsible for identifying with 1960s French film movement as the “New Wave” and was innovate in his style of storytelling.
Goodbye To language is an experimental 3D Film And the highlight of the film is two separation shots in which a single,unbroken shot splits into separate shots that can be viewed simultaneously through either the left or the right eye and returns to one single 3D Shot,Double exposure 3D images and shots with parallax that are difficult for the human eye to see.   

The Lure(ĆORKI DANCINGU) Directed by AGNIESZKA SMOCZYŃSKA her 1st feature film and she has executed it so well.
Two mermaids sister swim out of the sea into a Warsaw nightclub set in the 80s,They are wild,Sexy and hungry for life.And with human qualities one of the sister falls in love with A young Man and the sister bonds are tested when they are forced to take decisions . Another polish film that I watched and enjoyed as these ideas are so fresh.
The film also got a special jury Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Fest.

The Together Project(L’EFFET AQUATIQUE)

Samir a tall,lanky,in his 40s crane operator from Montreulli in the outskirts of Paris,falls head over heals in love with Agathe.
And discovers she is a swimming instructor and decides to join her classes (although he can swim perfectly) and a few lessons later she realises the real intentions for him to join the class and this is how they actually meet each other.
Winner of 2016 CANNES FILM FEST (Director Fortnight)  

The last and final article of my experience and MAMI Fest 2016 

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