Bloody Diamond

While waiting for  another movie show to begin.And realising the neighbour too has come  for the same  screening and  as we were catching up what has been happening in our lives.I don’t know how,But he told me about the movie, “Blood diamond”The story and star cast and  I was immediately, drawn to go and watch this movie.Instead of what I had come to watch.

Almost a year later today,I had the movie saved on “MyList” on the popular streaming website and it did not disappoint me at all.With the story establishing the characters and story in the first few minutes,to taking off with the action and tension of the scenario of what would be happening next.

The story is all about illegal trading of diamonds and how one is forced,Brainwashed to be part of this racket and how everyone is under suspicion of hiding away diamonds for their benefit.

The 150 minutes action packed movie is worth spending part of your weekend. If You haven’t watched Blood Diamond,Go watch it now!! It’s got a story,It’s got the emotions of empathy for the characters every time they are in trouble and the One Question will they find it or not.

Atomic Blonde-Movie Review!!

Atomic Blonde from the director of Deadpool & John Wick David Leitch You can only expect actions at it’s best.And it doesn’t disappoint with,  Atomic Blonde being us sneak peak what it would be like For a Blonde to be like Blonde. In The first few minutes itself you are interested in knowing about,And you realise how different is it from others.

A story of the most elite Spy MI 6 Lorraine Broughton,who’s willing to give it all and redeem the mission she has been assigned.

The story is from the point of view of  the protagonist narrating the story of her mission.With spray effect filter in the edits,made it appealing.

The beginning,Giving out a word of caution this is not that story of 1989 November When the Berlin Wall was about to fall 

The story being inspired from a Novel Graphic The coldest City written by Anthony Johnston A British Comic writer.Makes total sense for the spray effect.

The Blonde is played by charlize Theron .An actress who has been part of thriller like Mad Max fury,Fast and Furious 8 and the Italian Job.

Antagonist played by James McAvoy has played the most challenging role till date of 23 personalities in a single movie the split.A neatly done,Action movie.With the Mystery remaining…

Circle movie review !! 

“The circle “Adapted from a novel written by Dave eggers is about A tech worker Mae Holland played by Emma Watson as she joins the most powerful tech company which starts out as an incredibly rewarding experience, but as she works there longer, things start to fall apart. 

The movie follows the story of Mae Holland, a recent college graduate who lands a job at The Circle, founded by Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) and Tom Stenton (Patton Oswalt) a powerful technology company Mae owes her job largely to her best friend Annie, one of the most influential people in the company. Mae starts out in Customer Experience , the firm’s customer service department, but quickly climbs the company ladder. From the beginning, Mae is impressed by amenities at the Circle, including access to top-notch technology, dorm-like housing, gyms, recreation activities and parties. Mae’s very first day at the Circle ends with a party where she encounters Francis, who remains a love interest throughout . Later, Mae encounters and quickly becomes romantically involved with a mysterious colleague named Kalden, even though she is unable to verify his status at the company, or even obtain his last name.As the story moves forward it unfolds to uncover an agenda that will affect the lives of all of humanity.

A futuristic story that shows the consequences of a connected world, A world where everybody knows every move about you.

We are already getting there.  the movie is thrilling enough for you asking for more,And wishing what life would be like in one of the Tech Companies.  film directed by James Ponsoldt and written by Ponsoldt. 

💄under my Burkha!! 

💄 under my burkha the “women Oriented” film that we could finally get to watch . what’s the fuss about Not allowing the film to release in the theatres. It’s a film about 4 girls in the Man’s world and How they are judged by a society that’s dominated by men 

The film that’s narrated ,surrounding one central character Rose,and the way Ratan Phatak narrates the story from the book,Through different phases of her life and the obstacles she faces. 

Yes,The film is Bold for audiences as it portrays the issues very well.And the Starcast couldn’t have been better for the film to send out the message.Written& Directed by Alankrita Shrivastava produced by Prakash Jha .

“Queen of Katwe”-Personal Movie Review 

“Queen of Katwe” A film by Mira Nair.Is a film Based On a true story,That Sends out a very strong message to the audiences,That no matter what background you belong to,No matter where you come from.You must be given the opportunity to prove yourself.The film revolves around the central character Phiona (Played by Madina Nalwanga) the movie on who it’s actually based and Robert Katende (Played by David Oyelowo,who was last seen playing the role of Sir.Mater Luther King in Salma)Play’s the role of  the coach who start’s training some of the kids in a  ‘ Katwe’,  a small village of Uganda,how to play Chess ,as a part time job,But makes it a full time job when he realises the potential of these kids becoming Master of the game.The amazing part of the story is how they adapt ,and prove their worth by defeating students from the best high school in the Uganda.

The timely expression and dialogues with South African music add the extra touch to make the movie an enjoyable one.

The star Cast also includes Lupita Nyong’O who play’s the role of Phiona mother (Nakku Harriet) (Academy Award winner of “12 Years A Slave”)

The complete star cast and the team involved in the film,Has done a really good job with the movie.