Best Movies of 2020: 

This Year was very different in many ways. 
Even for streaming movies. 
And since many of us did not have the opportunity to go to the cinemas to watch movies! We Watched the ones that were on our Bucket list for a long time. So here are the best of movies I watched. 
Two Popes: The World Trade Centre: A Film based on a true story about two cops who survived the 9/11 and this is a film you should watch. To know how a western country was completely taken by surprise and how the two survive to tell their story.  
Parasite: The Huge difference between the Rich and Poor is shown here. And Once the Greed is unstoppable. They can go to any limits to make sure their plan is successful. And We humans are just like Parasites!! 
Contagion: This film gave us a little teaser of what was to come about five years ago. But very few of us thought about something like this would ever happen! We rarely take the film as reality. But always think about it as a fictitious medium. But This film was so accurate with what we have all gone through this year in the same/Similar Ways. 
Just Mercy: With The Black Lives Matter Movements being one of the most talked-about global issues. This film talks about the way ‘Blacks’ are being treated and how one Black Lawyer helps to get his accused justice. This is a must-watch. 
Rocketman: An Autobiography on Elton John one of the greatest pianist and the film is about how he came to be known as Elton John. on Amazon prime Video 
Richard Jewell: An innocent man who initially a hero to save lives when he finds bombs in a live event. But later is accused as a culprit and how he has to prove his innocence by Clint Eastwood a must watch on Amazon prime Video 
Jojo Rabbit: This is a sarcastic film about a Hitler Fanatic and his relationship with his mother. This was a very entertaining film on Disney Hotstar.
Ford vs Ferrari: A Story about Carroll Shelby ( Matt Demon)  an automotive designer, and Ken Miles(Christian Bale) a race car driver who come together to build a trailblazing vehicle and compete against the Ferrari race cars.Available to watch on Disney hot star. 
Best Bollywood Movies 2020: 
This Year! There haven’t been many Bollywood movies as such that have been a memorable watch. But Surprisingly all the best movies! I watched this year were based on Woman. Right from Shakuntala Devi who was known as the Human-Computer to Gunjan Saxena or for that matter Thappad. 
Thappad: Why Should one remain Quiet if one’s isn’t respected? 
Gunjan Saxena:  A Story about India’s first Woman Air Force Officer/Pilot, The Story is about how Ggunjan’s father pursued her daughter to fulfil her dream of being a pilot. The story also highlights how the academy was open to having a woman in their academy but did not have all the basic services like a restroom and changing room. This film was also controversial as the Air Force academy refused and accused the filmmaker of making the film slightly fictional.on  Amazon Prime Video 
Shakuntala Devi: An Autobiographical/Biographical film about Shakuntala Devi who was India’s best mathematicians and this is her story as told by her Daughter. This is a must-watch everybody to know about one of the greatest minds and her struggle and achievements. The Film stars Vidya Balan as a lead! Who completely did justice to the role. On Amazon Prime Video 

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