Weekend in Sri Lanka !

Having visited Sri Lanka five years ago.I was familiar with the city.

And the excitement of working on Project for a Destination that I would be visting again after a five years was on another level.

I did not know what to expect in the five years that had gone by .And after travelling extensively to all Major countries in the World. I really had no Idea what to expect from the country,Once I visit it again.

A Couple of weeks later,We were considering going for a Recce to Sri Lanka to finalise the venues & Hotel with the client.

We Landed in Sri lanka and the complete Journey was a revelation of how much the country had developed in terms of it’s infrastrcture expressways throughout Galle,Colombo to cities around sri lanka last time there were no such Roads like these.

Galle Fort was very much the same with quite a few restaurants newly opened and stores like Barefoot still being one of the stores to visit in Galle.

The Cricket Stadium being in the city and connecting the fort is something that most unusal about the City.

Visited some New places around Galle.

Mirissa – which is popular for the whale watching experience & Weligama where so many hotels chains have opened and are opening for the breathtaking view of the blue waters from the rooftop terraces.

Colombo felt like the city that has developed so much with real estate investments from around the world & within the country.So Many Hotels chains to have opened while some had gone through the reovations to still be considred as one of the hotel options to stay & experience their hospitality while others want the tourist & locals to experience thiers.

Ministry of Crab – The only Resturant in Sri lanka to be part of the Asia’s 50 Best Resturant 2017 And to have Sri Lanka on the World Map for it’s Food.. And the Man behind is the celebratory Chef Dharshan Mundaisa- Is behind the fame Resturant (Nihonbashi)

Ministry of Crab is in with Partnership with Sri lankan cricketers Mahela Jawardene & Kumar Sangakkara.

I also had the opporunity to meet Mahela Jawardene at the Ministry of crab when we visited the restaurant during our visit.

Dharshan Mundaisa has also partnered with Jacquline ferandez for Keamesutra another restaurant that specialises in Japanese Food at the Shangri-la Colombo.

Dutch Hospital Street is the most lively street to be on weekend with live music performances,Bars and a resturants to choose from.

Sri lanka has more to offer than just Cinamon & Tea.

It’s the Goa of Sri Lanka .

The Trip!!

Back and just been 3 days ,I have finally written about my first visit to the United States .
This trip ,was more like a family affair,meeting so many family members from dad’s side for the first time ,and dad himself meeting them after ages ,It was rather surprising to meet them ,and see them being so warm and welcoming ,not just the east coast,but the west coast too we had met a few of them.
These last 4 weeks have been really interesting and unexpecting since we hadn’t really heard about a few of them and then meeting them was really good .
These 4 week too were the weeks where we stayed with my dad’s sibling and were taken good care of.This holiday dint feel like a holiday ,it was more like being at home itself .this holiday has been one of those holiday were you wonder how time flew away .
There were also quite a few inspirational stories heard of people who have either struggled ,succeeded and made it big in this country ,where anything is possible .
Now that the trip has come to end ,for the first time in my vacation I don’t feel like going back home .
The only down side were the flight delays and the long journey from home .

Holi !!!

Holi this year was fun .morning started with oiling to prevent colour strange because we were playing the festival of colour .any way after finishing oiling .we got ready to fill balloons and getting ready to welcome our attacks or guests missed a few targets .wasted some but it was fun .finally we drenched each other with bucket full of water as if this was not enough we started playing with eggs targeting each other .finally after getting tired of playing we went to the beach to clean our self and came back to our well deserved food with phirni and bhang

London Trip!!!

The London was the most awaited Trip ,there Is surely something about London that drives you crazy ,but the transport connectivity of the buses,trains and the tube drove me crazy since It Is  planned so well that you can just find your way back home ,the only city that came to my mind after seeing there transport facilities was Mumbai since the Mumbai Local “Lifeline of  Mumbai where millions travel by every day .Only If the population could be controlled a bit the railways services could be enjoyed a bit more and if the roads could be better the buses could be enjoyed too .

And the second thing the weather its humidity just kills .

back to London ,the places in London too reminded me about one of my favourite games  during my childhood days and is still my favourite the monopoly that had mayfair ,park lane ,piccadilly circus to name just a few ,every time I  went to any place I would well remember the colour of  the cards .

London are known for the “Gora”whites but you could hardly see any there were mostly blacks for a moment I got confused whether I am in the UK or in a caribbean Island , no I am not being racist here but I am just speaking about an interesting observation .

Also There were hardly any places for the fish & Chips , only Pizza the Italian cuisine has taken over with so many Italian Restaurants.

Overall the Trip was amazing !!! Hope to visit Again soon .


Flight journey

emirates There have been many airlines that I have traveled by including Cathay pacific ,Lufthansa ,jet airways ,Turkish airlines and now by Emirates and I was dissapointed by there services the first flight to dubai was just perfect but when we left for London the flight ice the entertainment system was troubling a lot in the seven hours journey i had to change a few seats and jut complete a 2hour movie in seven hours ,I also read a few magazines but people who are restless what do they do?
Some people were happy to get sleep ,while other running to get a seat where the system is working ,for a airlines who have won quite a few awards this was least expected and I also wonder are these awards just for there magazines only because there services were slow ,we were done with our meal 2 hours ago and after 2hours they took away our tray .
This was my worst flight journey and also because it was the longest journey on a stretch .