The Trip!!

Back and just been 3 days ,I have finally written about my first visit to the United States .
This trip ,was more like a family affair,meeting so many family members from dad’s side for the first time ,and dad himself meeting them after ages ,It was rather surprising to meet them ,and see them being so warm and welcoming ,not just the east coast,but the west coast too we had met a few of them.
These last 4 weeks have been really interesting and unexpecting since we hadn’t really heard about a few of them and then meeting them was really good .
These 4 week too were the weeks where we stayed with my dad’s sibling and were taken good care of.This holiday dint feel like a holiday ,it was more like being at home itself .this holiday has been one of those holiday were you wonder how time flew away .
There were also quite a few inspirational stories heard of people who have either struggled ,succeeded and made it big in this country ,where anything is possible .
Now that the trip has come to end ,for the first time in my vacation I don’t feel like going back home .
The only down side were the flight delays and the long journey from home .

Happy Diwali!!!

Diwali -festive season


this is Diwali !!! a week before

Diwali !!! its just a week away and it doesn’t really feel like the festive season is here ,you can hardly see any lights, and decoration ,also the firecracker have all gone silent ,in a way its surely is good to see that the pollution level and noise pollution falling ,but some noise should be there to feel its Diwali,also at a recent Diwali party I noticed people clicking more of there photography rather than playing cards like we normally would do with token(coins) from the past few years .Also I guess ,Diwali has not being given that much of importance ,since we have internet,so many apps and so many events all over the year its just become like any-other festival ,And since in India the dollar ,the economy downturn has made people more careful this Diwali,its become such a peaceful festival from the nosiest good for the environment .

Also the importance of Diwali will soon Dissappear at this rate ,I remember reading somewhere about kids asking there parents can we celebrate Diwali on our tablets ,this to me was like a joke when I first read ,but now its a serious thought to think about .

Technology is ruling us ,not we ruling the technology .

Anyways .

Happy Diwali !!!