Storytelling Vs telling a lie.

 The other day, I was going through an interview when this thought struck me ,are Lies & Storytelling the same ?We lie to hide the truth from others, we lie because we cannot admit the truth ,We lie because we fear speaking out the truth as it will leave us alone,we might be hurting somebody if we speak up the truth .Ok that’s lying then what’s storytelling ? Storytelling is the power of telling stories that must have happened ,A piece of News that you have heard and you narrate it in a little dramatic way to get the attention of the listener .But Now if you actually see there is a thin line of a difference amongst the two in both forms we Lie to defend ourself even though we know we are wrong,guilty of taking the wrong side ,but again it might seem wrong to you ,but it might be the right thing for the speaker .At the same time stories we tell to entertain ,to make our imaginations run wild to impress how good we are at speaking ,Stories transform us to a magical place to a make believe world for us it might be dreaming while others laugh and say he is living with such a big lie.But for us its a fantasy a world that we create for ourself to be happy and defining the reality in others terms the truth that we know ,,but imagination is a lie for others ,but we are living by being hopeful for things to turnaround .

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