The World Cup performance 

Indians are crushed by the Australian in Australia once again ,some things in history don’t change .

Like today we couldn’t chase  300+ against Australia even after playing in their country for the last 4 months  ,chasing is surely are biggest weakness ,losing a toss is another thing that goes wrong with us .

The  team hasn’t improved at all ,about 12 years ago ,2003 World Cup final we just scored 234 and today too 233 on both occasions we were playing against the same team and had a good start but could not make use of it ,they were  too dependable on the top 3  batsmen and if they don’t performe  ,the middle order tends to collapse under pressure and added to this if the captain doesn’t perform it’s total disaster.

The fighting spirit is just not there 330 was not difficult ,they made it look difficult and the battle was lost with 4 down for 100 and not taking off when needed ,also Mostly everybody expected India to make it in the semifinals with the way there were placed and there were no surprises with other team too being part of the later knockout stages and the semi too were expected to be played amongst these ,only the hype of India playing against  pak kept the fans on their toes to watch the QF between the host and the visitor .

But the semi final was the real test ,the real World Cup and the real battleground which mattered ,but couldn’t be won .

Ok I agree we could not win 8/8 matches this World Cup ,today must not have been our day ,but what do you have to say about the loss by 95 runs and with 3 overs to spare and no where close to the target .

And what do you have to say about the missed opportunity that changed the game ?

Do you believe you were over confident this time ?for this real test .

If we were champions ,why dint we show it .has the Midas touch from our captain disappeared ?

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