Best Books: 2021

When you have the opportunity & time to read books you want to make sure you enjoy reading the books & are learning something from them. And when you read about 20 odd books in a year, You honestly haven’t liked them all or something about them, And you ask yourself why did I pickContinue reading “Best Books: 2021”

Ad Shoot!

The Morning wasn’t a usual one. Had set the alarm for five forty-five am, but was fast asleep until I picked up my phone and realised  it’s Six am. Shit! I was going to get late! Quickly had a shower, and cornflakes, Banana and black coffee got ready and left around six-thirty am. Checked again whatContinue reading “Ad Shoot!”

Pandeynioum -Book Review 

Pandeynioum -Piyush Pandey on advertising .The Title comes from a whatsaap group that was created by the same name for the family .And the book was a great read ,since it’s about his time at ogilvy ,and giving some of his best work in the field of advertising ,that we even recall today The oneContinue reading “Pandeynioum -Book Review “