Sacred Games -Season 1

The  sacred Game, is now On Netflix and the first Web series from India in collaboration with Netflix and produced by Phantomfilms .Sacred Games doesn’t disappoint you at all. The Action,The thrill and the interest of  the  viewers can be challenging.If you are working on a storyline that’s done to death.But the whole angle ofContinue reading “Sacred Games -Season 1”

Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !

Sacred Gamesbased on the Novel by Vikram Chandra who’s plot – A Gangster and Cop story and the Corruption that lies within the system of Politics in the country.  The first episode Premiered last night and set high expectations from the makers. The Casting is one of its kind ,since we haven’t really seen SaifAliKhanContinue reading “Sacred Games- Premiere’s on Netflix !”

Dark Places- Movie Review!!

A crime thriller based on the novel by the same   Title( dark places) that was written by Gillan Flynn,Who’s bestseller ‘Gone Girl, too was adapted by the same title and became a Box Office  success directed by David Fincher.A director who has had popular successful hits like The Social Network and is known forContinue reading “Dark Places- Movie Review!!”

The Girl on the train -Personal book review 

“The girl on the train “by Paula Hawkins is , what S J Watson terms as ‘gripping ,enthralling -A top notch thriller and a compulsive read ,no wonder dream works is in talks to adapt the book into a movie . The sub head -You don’t know her .But she knows you .You immediately wantContinue reading “The Girl on the train -Personal book review “

Book Review !!-Personal review .

Hi!! I just thought about trying my hand in book reviewing and here it begins with this book. Hope you enjoy it. And can honestly post your suggestion in the comments column. Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami is a story about Tuskuru Tazaki, who had four friends at schoolContinue reading “Book Review !!-Personal review .”