Dark Places- Movie Review!!


A crime thriller based on the novel by the same   Title( dark places) that was written by Gillan Flynn,Who’s bestseller ‘Gone Girl, too was adapted by the same title and became a Box Office  success directed by David Fincher.A director who has had popular successful hits like The Social Network and is known for fight club starring Brad Pitt.

Back to the Dark places,A story about a family being killed,But we don’t know who did it.? Being the youngest sibling Libby Day manages to escape and tell us the tale.

But,All these years she believes it was her brother Ben was the murderer.

The story plays out in a way where characters are introduced Making it difficult to guess who might be behind it. 

And if there was seriously somebody else behind the Murder? 

Why was Ben still in Prison for 28 years ? 

Like a true thriller,Gripping and full of suspense.

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