Our life !! 

There are many factors that affect our life and one of them is
,Your environment is a also a factor that moulds you as a person with the other factors that involve a humans evolvement from developing a personality that’s distinct from each human or in many ways similar to many.

But our genes also remain a factor that dominates our life in many ways ,we only realise when we study further the cause and effects of some of the medical diagnosis that has affected some of our family members.

With so much of us,from many of us it’s impossible not to have a question ,why is that way we have to be like this ?

I mean isn’t there anybody in the world who doesn’t have a single background to him/her at all ?
Of course the answer would be the very fact we are born in the world is because of the reproduction through two souls meeting each other .And that’s when we are born .

But the birth itself,gives us some qualities that we don’t believe we are born with or are either enhanced while growing up or while being compared by our parents amongst themselves and the child.

But what if the child wants to try something new that’s not being even thought of or even thought one day one of the family member could ever think About .
Why should one be denied,for one who thinks,he is capable rather confident about doing something in this Big Big World.

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