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Boredom: State of feeling Bored.Bored a term that describes being impatient because of being unoccupied or lacking interest.We need to get bored in life or have a state of mind facing Boredom.

As Boredom pushes our limit and moves us away from our comfort zone and in today’s times nobody really as such faces being bored or face Boredom ,since we try to keep ourself occupied 24*7 with activities ranging from gossiping,Stalking and sharing throw back post just to make our lives interesting.

But,Boredom can actually be the best to happen to anybody as it gives an opportunity to us to explore the other options we have or other interest we can develop.

Boredom as a state of mind is lacking a lot in today’s time in every individual’s life as we aren’t willing to admit or accept we are actually bored of doing something,Something even though we have enjoyed it.Aren’t enjoying anymore.

Bored is another way of knowing exactly what one’s enjoys but that’s the same cause and effect of people not experimenting with one’s self In terms of trying out a different cuisine, trying another genre of cinema,Entertainment ,trying out something different from your favourite restaurant.

Boredom and being Bored also helps in self realisation of your talents,Strengths and Weaknesss in a way Boredom can help you analyse yourself or re-evaluate yourself in becoming a better you.

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