Lets go Social !!!

Social’s ,heard so much about this place ,from so many people but hadn’t ever been to one yet .Last evening post the press conference of India’s next topModel we the team of production house ,wanted to go to a chilled out place and enjoy some drinks and so here we were at socials the entrance bright orange like a small security cabin and as you enter a large garage with brick walls around ,the wiring seen around ,office chairs , canteen stools ,old chairs and off course sofa around .As I looked around, I noticed there was a patch of white ,painted between the brick wall to “project ” important events and matches from the globe .Well this is just the ambience/atmosphere .The food was with a twist again ,with “vada Pav ” concept was inspired for the Shammi kebab Pav ,the Ice tea was served in a long bowl ,that’s not all the kitchen had the tea pots like the ones available in the street sellers ,the bottles hung upside down on open shelf with the other cutlery around and the cocktails were served with creatively especially the one with mirror and agarbatti and lime .
A very relaxed place to hang out .

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