Free Speech!!

Is media responsible the way we precive the world, the political issues and our country and the issues around.

Think about it? 

There are so many things happening all over,But only a few get highlighted and are spoken about,But what about the others? Do we only see Public interest and Television rating to highlight the news even though there might be other pieces of news that would be more relevant and important.

What exactly is the media’s Job? Tell us News,Inform,Criticise or keep mum of their opinion by delivering news across platforms. 

Do Media representatives realise how the world perceptions of home country can be responsible for Tourism,Investment and infrastructural growth.

There needs to be a point where the media personalities should be more vocal about their opinions and the media networks should weigh these opinions as a whole rather than being biased about it.

We need to encourage voices to voice their opinions and be heard in a time,Where we all are forced to be tongue-tied about our views on issues.

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