Friendship !!

Making a friend ,these days has become easier than ever before, and boasting of having X number of friends on a particular social networking site or on some photo sharing app and many other places has made it clear that we have quite a large number of friends wherever we go .

Some of us are so friendly that we can just make friends every second… while travelling ,on the job and just a place where we visit frequently But have we every given a though to maintaining friendship? the true “sense of friendship ” has there been anyone who you must be friends with but find it taxing to keep your friendship and you’d rather keep in touch with them whenever you have a ” job needed to be done “and even if you have to do it or done it in the past don’t you find it challenging to maintain this friendship and do we as people seriously maintain our  childhood friendships,school friends or college friends because we want to be with them or we have to do it because they have been part of us while we were growing up ?

Can we ever maintain friendship with the friends we made ?
Can friendship with a friend who we meet after years , start from the same point and can everything still remain the same after the gap ?
Is making new friends the way of showing off how popular we are amongst the group ?or is it a way to avoid maintaining friendship with the old ones by making them jealous of your social circle .
Is making new friends more important than maintaining your friendship ties ?

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