The Royal Experience!!

Wonder! why, Did the site Not be used for Recreational purposes Earlier. The Very fact of the Opera House being under Restoration for about 8 Years. Shows,the Royalty with which the Opera House which had the term  Royal prefixed when King George V  inaugurated the building in 1911 while the building was still under construction.Continue reading “The Royal Experience!!”

Foodism !!

  Food as a meditation and a therapeutic healing. Food for thought  We have heard this over and over again The inner source of satisfaction and peace one gets after a good meal.Or for that matter A favourite food can just change our mood all together within no time. But,Then again why do we always ignoreContinue reading “Foodism !!”

Travel to rediscover yourself !!!

  Travel -Travelling is a feeling of living a life of a particular  people and place within the time you are there . Travel can make you relate with people of different culture & backgrounds  Travel makes you rich with experiences and poor with money  People Travel to realise that ,people are almost the sameContinue reading “Travel to rediscover yourself !!!”